Week in Review

Groundhog Day has always been one of my favorite annual celebrations. Since the Bill Murray movie, I think of it as the national day of second chances. So, if you don’t get it right the first time – you get another chance.

I launched ‘Workthoughts’ on Groundhog Day because a blog about work should be a blog of career evolution, lifelong learning and many second chances.

The blogs of this past week introduced some of the themes I hope to expand as we continue our conversation. Here’s a quick summary of the week that was:

Finding your work ‘place’ may be a more realistic way to find your ‘passion’.

The vanishing ‘snow day’ still provides an unexpected window into work/life balance.

Storytelling is still alive and well in both job funding and venture building

Competence and confidence will only get you so far.

Poetry is the portal to visualize your ideal.

We learn from the wisdom of others – this week, Bob Dylan.

‘In the news’ – The New York Times reported the ‘The economy cruised into the new year with a bust of fresh momentum, adding jobs at the fastest pace since the boom of the late 1990s and lifting unemployment and wage prospects for millions of Americans left behind in a long but mostly lackluster recovery.”

Will the recovery lead to more mobility within the employed? Good question to explore as we continue the conversation next week.

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