Week in Review – February 23 – March 1- From Hollywood to a War Zone

This week began with the lively internet response to Best Supporting Actress winner Patricia Arquette’s call for support in the campaign for equal pay for women. Although Hollywood actors receive criticism for using awards acceptance speeches to raise the profile of a particular social issue, it’s their few minutes in the spotlight before the music plays them off stage. Many have worked their entire lives to achieve this honor and in the case of the film industry, there are some serious issues still needing attention when it comes to women’s compensation.

Reading the thread of tweets in response to Ms. Arquette’s comments starting on Sunday evening and carrying through the week,  it became clear that this issue is not confined to Hollywood. It demonstrated the growing trend of competing critical ‘internet bullies’ who went beyond the limits of civility in sharing their opinions.

In that vein, the blog on ‘internet shaming’ was my attempt to highlight an aspect of online discourse that has resulted in a number of people, seemingly unaware of their online visibility losing their jobs as a result of an incident.

We found an interview question that can be used equally by an employer or a candidate to uncover individual and organizational values with the simple: What was you best workday ever?

And finally, in the story of Lynsey Addario, The New York Times photojournalist, we found another question that we should be asking, just to take the temperature of where we are in our current position: Why do we do what we do?

At a point in our culture where our identity is increasingly tied to what we do, and that identity is displayed for all to see in our internet presence, we need to assess the truth of what we do at work and how we put a face on it to the world.

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