Reinvent or Authenticate?

In the first weeks of the new year the media message is to ‘reinvent’ yourself; new year, new you. Do we really need this annual makeover? Does one more layer of makeup change who we are as individuals? Perhaps this year we should focus on the ‘real’ you, not the person ‘appearing in the role…’as you. Let’s enhance the talent that’s in your DNA.

Start the year with a realistic assessment of your skills. Ask for feedback from your closest friends and colleagues. How does your view of self compare to how others see you? How much energy are you expending to create a perception with no connection to reality?

We all play roles in our professional lives. I believe that the most successful and happy among us are the ones whose ‘roles’ can’t be distinguished from who they are in real life.

What will it take to bridge the gap and live the authentic life? In other words, why not just be you?

It may be that you need to listen to that little voice that is telling you what you really want to do with your life, something that doesn’t involve creating a character each morning as you enter your workplace.

Rather than reinvent, authenticate. Be yourself. Be happy.

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